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Say “Good-bye Gaterade!”

July 20, 2010

So, I don’t know if you are as crazy health conscious as I am, but even if you aren’t, here’s some info that you might be interested in checking out!  You may or may not have heard the recent buzz about a long-known (at least in some cultures) way to help rebalance your electrolytes NATURALLY!  Yes, I know it might be news to some, but the neon colors used in popular sports drinks are not natural!  In fact, the balance of electrolytes within these drinks is really not what the body intended at all!

So, what do we do in the summer months when we’re running around, sweating and needing hydration?  The answer is young coconut water (also known as green coconut water).

The benefits of coconut water do not stop there, however!  They are really too numerous to list here (check out for more info).  The celebs are in on this secret too, so it’s easy to find the stuff and the numerous information about it.  Personally, I like to mix it with acai juice for added antioxidants and a more inviting taste!

Drink up . . . you’re body needs it!