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The New Medicine

January 2, 2011

The title of this documentary, which came out in 2006, really caught my attention.  For awhile now, Jeff and I have been talking about the idea of producing a documentary about how the human body works, and specifically how it is biologically designed to cure any imbalance that happens within it.  Our modern medicine has taught us that we need to manipulate, change and alter the state of imbalance from the outside (drugs and surgery), and that our bodies need modern technology and medicine to be balanced and remain healthy.  This, sadly, has removed the patient from the equation of keeping himself/herself in good health.  We often turn over our own healing power to the hands of others who, quite frankly, don’t know us as well as we know ourselves.  Besides, drugs and surgery don’t heal.  The body is the only thing that can heal itself.  There can be a place for modern medicine, but without the body’s own ability to keep itself balanced, health is impossible.  We need to understand the role we play and the role medicine plays before we can obtain the health we desire.

The New Medicine delves into this very issue.  It’s a discussion of integrative medicine at its best, and how we have come, through science, to better understand the link between our minds, bodies and our health.

If you have ever heard me say, “if the professionals helping you with health issues do not treat you like a member of the team, switch teams!” then, you’ll see why this statement could be the difference between health and illness.

To your better health!