All About Water

I cannot thank Mike Harrelson enough for his wonderfully informative talk last night at our Wellness of Chatham meeting!  When it comes to water, I think most of us had done a bit of homework and had what we thought was “best practice” when it came to making sure the water we drink is as pure as possible.  I had NO idea of the facts that Mike shared as well as some very simple and inexpensive ways to get around the challenges.  As a wellness consultant, I put a lot of emphasis on the amount of water that clients are drinking, now I can add a few things that will help them to ensure that the water they are drinking is providing the benefit without the harm. 
Some of the highlights of Mike’s talk were:
* the only water that is, by law, tested regularly is municipal (public) water.  We complain about it, but the fact is, the alternative, bottled water is self-governed by the companies that sell it to us. 
* Artificial sweetners are killing us.  We have not found a way to extract them from our water sources.  
* Use potassium instead of salt for well water softeners.
* the best way to purify water is with activated charcoal.
I can’t wait to have Mike show me how to assemble a homemade shower filter!
I want to thank the following people for their attendance and adding their special gifts to our meeting: Carl Theodore, Barb Tesla, Rudy Mullis, Candace Barringer, Libby Ann Capaldi, Donna Poe and Mike Harrelson.  As I said before, I honor your time, and I am so excited about what we are creating.  It will truly be of benefit to our community . . . one starfish at a time!

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