Thursday evening’s Wellness of Chatham meeting was incredibly interesting, and I thank our hosts, Ray and Joni Pavlik of Unwined wine shop as well as the participants Libby Ann Capaldi, Megan Huber, Jessica Rice, Christiana Herndon and Judy and Mike Harrelson.  Special thanks to our speaker, Carl Theodore for his outstanding talk and presentation about Neurofeedback, “training wheels” for the brain!
I really could not even begin to cover the exciting information that Carl shared with us about how we can actually retrain our brains and create improvement in everything from our reactions to stress to our physical abilities; memory, attention and focus and even our running times!
I will share with you some information from the flyers that Carl handed out to us.
“Neurofeedback is operant conditioning, using brain neroplasticity, we exercise it directly increasing focus and stability [within the brain].  [With the use of computer images], we reward faster and slower brainwaves [to better balance the functioning of the brain].”
Some of the benefits of Neurofeedback are:
Enhanced attention and focus                        Normalizes sleep
Reduced irritability and mood swings              Encourages ability to openly socialize
Decreased anxiety and depression                  Improves intelligence and test scores
Diminished hyperactivity                              Reduces need and use of medications                      
Optimizes cognitive and motor performance
Carl has extended to anyone who is interested in learning more about neurofeedback a free initial consult.  This holds a $85 value, so it is a wonderful gift for those who may want to do something for their health that they have not tried.  If you would like to contact Carl, you can do so by calling 919.290.9192 or email at


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