REAL Nutrition

This morning’s Wellness of Chatham meeting was wonderful, and I thank Angelina Kay, Jessica Rice, Brystana Kaufman, Christiana Herndon, Megan Huber, Libby Ann Capaldi and Nancy Acosta for making the meeting and discussions possible!
We discussed the topic of nutrition and the common disconnects that we find in our society when it comes to how and what we should be putting in our bodies.  Our group’s focus is on educating the public about wellness issues, and nutrition is at the heart of this intention.  Some of the highlights from today’s meeting were:
* The recent studies on the connection between tick-borne illness and red meat allergies
* Weston A. Price and his teachings about basic nutrition, healing and best farming practice vs what we’ve been taught in the US – check out
* CCCC Sustainable Agriculture teachings, Community Gardens, the documentary Greenhorns and Farmer Food Share program – as a group, we are looking to connect local farmers and food growers who have surplus produce with organizations, groups and individuals in need.
* Health benefits of goat’s milk and essential oils
* Finding local homeopathic and holistic vets in PBO – Charles Loops (homeopathic vet) and Perrin Heartway (holistic vet) 919.444.1371 
We also discussed the key importance of practicing good nutritional habits.  It starts with us, and then we need to teach our children about how to take care of their bodies and the significance of making healthful food and life choices for themselves.  It’s not just what we say; it’s our energy, what we do with our time and our attitude that shapes how the children in our lives view their health and wellbeing.
Go forth and BE WELL!


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