Water Filter Workshop

This evening’s Wellness of Chatham workshop on building shower water filters was terrific, and I thank our hosts Mike and Judy Harrelson as well as the participants Libby Ann Capaldi, Zen Shoemaker, Jessica Rice and Rudy Mullis.  Also special kudos to Rudy for providing the outstanding Muscadine Grape smoothies and for updating us on the progress of some of the products in his local nutraceutical line . . . can’t wait for the smoothie packs to be on the market!
As always, the conversation was stimulating and educational.  We learned how easy it was to create and install the best filter for removing unwanted toxins from our shower water.  Since our skin is the largest of our body organs, a typical shower can expose us to nearly ten times more chlorine than we would receive by drinking unfiltered tap water all day long.  In addition, when taking a hot shower, toxic chemicals are liberated from the water and released as gasses, including chloroform (50% more released) and trichloroethylene (TCE) (80% more released) — both known carcinogens!   The best was that our new filters are reusable, and that it will only cost us pennies to fill and reuse them . . . and that won’t be for another year or so!  I couldn’t wait to get home to take a shower!!!
Please pass on to others what we are doing. Again, Wellness of Chatham is a group created to bring the public and wellness practitioners together to learn and grow our knowledge of what we need for optimal health and overall wellness. The more we grow, the more influence and help we can provide to our local community!

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