Native Plants – so beneficial to our environment!

I would like to thank Chris Bouton again for speaking with us last Wednesday about Native Plants. Chris provided some interesting information about the importance of not only utilizing native plants in our landscaping, but understanding, as well, the benefits to doing so.
Special thanks to Andy Upshaw for adding some interesting facts to our conversation.
Some of the highlights were:
A list of some great natives that can be used are – Purple Lovegrass, Goldenrod, Purple Passionflower, Coneflowers, Black and Brown-Eyed Susans, Loebilia, Yellow Root, Buttercup, Blue-Eyed Grass, Strawberry Bush, Sumac, Spice Bush, Rattlesnake Master, Beauty Berry, Butterfly Milkweed, Common Buttonbush, Golden Ragwort.
NCBG Plant lists:
The Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill has a great Native Plant Studies Certificate Program within their Continuing Ed Program. Chris highly recommends the Native Pollinator class.
It’s important to remember that many native plants are weeds and a lot of them have great medicinal benefits.
If you want to boost native pollinator populations, plant native pollinator plants, since these pollinators rely on native plants for food and nectar.
Pollinators in the Southeast Mixed Forest [good PDF on plants for pollinator forage]
Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States, by Alan S. Weakley (large PDF, worth downloading because it is searchable):’s Wildflower Guide [Available at the Botanical Gardens bookstore.]
Excellent field guide key and illustrations, though some plant binomial names are now outdated. Still a great resource.

Chris has the plant lists she compiled for CCCC, and would be happy to share if you are interested.

She also is offering to share her native plant volunteers this year if you want to go by her place to get them. She suggested an organized social “dig” and seed swap over tea (or beer!) on her back porch, so contact me if you are interested and I’ll pass it on to Chris.
Hope to see you in the garden and in the meantime, Be Well!

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