Empowering a Community Through Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

1 in 4 girls
1 in 6 boys
Are sexually victimized.
But there IS something we can do about it . . .
It begins with discussing it
It involves learning about it
It requires understanding what to do when we are confronted with it
It empowers our community when we come together to do all of these things as a group
On Thursday, Jessica Wimberley, the Children’s Services Director for Chatham YMCA met with our group to present an overview of Stewards of Children, a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention program designed by the national non-profit group, Darkness To Light. Jessica educated us on some of the statistics locally
and nationally involving this topic as well as the overall initiative that both Orange County and Chatham County YMCAs have taken on to address this very serious issue.
Some of the highlights are following:
Stewards of Children is a community informational program geared to educate and train full communities on what to do about child sexual abuse.
Darkness to Light, a national non-profit based out of Charleston, developed this program.
Training for Stewards of Children is 2 1/2 hours and is presented in 3 parts, incorporating video, workbook and discussion-based learning.
Currently, the training for Stewards of Children through the YMCA is grant-funded, so it is free to all who want to go through the program.
Currently, about 1300 individuals have been trained locally. Community awareness leads to real change, and this comes from getting as many people trained as possible.
Everyone in Chatham knows at least one person who has been sexually abused even if you are unaware of it.
Survivors of child sexual abuse have a higher likelihood of psychological disorders, excessive drug and alcohol use, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies and violence. And this costs us as a community.
Each case of sexual abuse that is brought to the legal system costs taxpayers a bit over $14,000.
Stewards of Children is the only evidence-based training for this issue available nationally that is proven to increase knowledge and change child protective behavior.
The goal of the YMCA is to train 7,300 people in our community by the year 2016.

Visit www.chcymca.org/d2l to read more about the program and the facts.


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