Last Thursday evening’s Wellness of Chatham meeting was, in a word, enlightening. Not only was the talk informative, but it offered a link to many things that our society is suffering with in the field of health care. I know those who attended were glad they did!
I thank all who were there. You added so much to the Q & A portion of the meeting. I also send out our appreciation to Pittsboro Center for Natural Medicine and Roxanne Hollander for graciously providing the venue. It was perfect!
Our speaker was Dr. Christian Werness, and he spoke on the topic of Heavy Metal Toxicity. I wish I would have known the thorough content of the talk beforehand, as I would have marketed it WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO SAVE YOUR HEALTH. The original title of the talk didn’t do justice to the true content of what was presented. Everyone I know should have been in that room learning about what Dr. Chris had to say.
Additionally, we were surprised with not one, but two experts in this field, when Dr. Puja Wentworth joined us. She and Dr Werness work together educating and treating health participants (clients) with a systematic approach to total health and wellness care. Both doctors integrate services such as chiropractic, bio-nutrition, therapeutic exercise, progressive rehab, massage therapy, functional medicine and cellular detoxification to meet the needs of those with whom they work. Dr. Puja is also a wealth of information, and we were so lucky to have her with us to share some points as well.
Some of the highlights of the talk were as follows:
Dr Werness began by telling us that heavy metal toxicity is an epidemic. The levels of heavy metals in the average American are leading to a wide range of major health issues.
The information that was presented by both doctors comes from the teachings of Dr. Dan Pompa. Dr. Pompa is internationally known for treating patients and educating doctors on nutrition, structural correction chiropractic care and most importantly neurotoxic illnesses such as autism, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, irritable bowel, weight loss resistance. His teaching is transforming the lives of thousands around the world. http://www.drpompa.com/
Dr Pompa’s philosophy and treatment is founded upon 4 principles:
The Cellular Healing Diet – Inflammation, Cellular Regeneration, Hormone Regulation
Toxins– Heavy Metals, Biotoxins, General Toxins

Deficiencies – Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, GSH Hormones

Nerve Stress – Physical Trauma, Emotional Trauma, Spinal Misalignments

Dr. Werness discussed that our culture is currently in The Death Zone. The Death Zone is defined as the state of having less and less oxygen, where the body begins to shut down to preserve vital functions until it cannot sustain this any longer and dies. As Americans, this is where we are in relation to our health care, both the system and our practices.
Dr Werness talked about a study where patients removed grains from their diets and they became well. He also talked about sugar as an exitotoxin that poisons our cells. There is far too much sugar in the American diet. We also need to keep in mind that sugar is referring to what the body utilizes, so carbs all break down to sugar in the system, therefore a bagel provides the same poisoning punch as a chocolate bar to our bodies.
As a chiropractor, Dr Werness works from the belief that the BODY HEALS ITSELF. When we stimulate the nervous system in a positive way, the body can reboot and heal.
A great YouTube video on mercury in amalgams is Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ylnQ-T7oiA
PubMed is a great resource for clinical data based on the latest research (for those who have to investigate for themselves). http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/
Dr Werness discussed the concept of “The Bucket.” We come into this world with DNA stressors (like heavy metals) that are passed down 4 generations. If our grandparents had lead in their systems, so do we, if our parents had a mouth filled with mercury amalgams, we also have that mercury in our systems. Children born today are coming in with fuller buckets, so when they are subjected to things like vaccines and other toxic stressors, their bodies hit a “tipping point” much faster and become symptomatic. Dr Werness explained that this is what we are seeing with increases in diabetes, autism, ADD/HD, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. Many issues that we have seen in the past are happening at earlier and earlier ages.
What other things fill “The Bucket?” – Sugar, Bad Fats, Bad Thoughts
Make sure you eat well, think well and surround yourself with those who do the same (good environment).
Dr Werness and Dr Wentworth are trying to help individuals reach what is referred to as The Blue Zone. This is where a person reaches a health level in his/her body that gives him/her a 300% better chance of reaching 100 + years of age. This is also comfortable, pain-free aging.
For those interested in getting amalgams removed properly, both doctors recommended Holistic Dentist, Dr. Carl McMillan, in Cary. www.smilesraleigh.com
If you are interested in heavy metal detox protocol, you can reach Dr. Werness at 919.410.9933 (Chapel Hill) or Dr. Wentworth at 919.463.0021 (Morrisville).
Some other great resources discussed:
Beyond Organic – www.christianwerness.mybeyondorganic.com
Linda Watson’s book, Wildly Affordable Organic, and site Cook for Good http://www.cookforgood.com/

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