Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

Thursday evening’s Wellness of Chatham meeting was incredibly interesting, and I thank our host, The Abundance Foundation for the use of their space. Special thanks to our speaker, Linda Booker for her informative and eye-opening discussion.
I really could not even begin to cover the vast amount of information that Linda shared with us about Hemp, its history and her upcoming documentary, Bringing It Home.
If you want to learn about hemp and the movie, check out Linda’s website for Bringing It Home at http://www.bringingithomemovie.com/
Some other great references are articles that Linda shared with us.
* Why Choose Organic Hempseed Foods Over Soy Foods by John Nutiva, the owner of one of the largest hemp product companies in the world http://nutiva.com/articles/why-choose-organic-hempseed-foods-over-soy-foods/
* Hemp is Hip, Hot and Happening: So Why Are American Farmers Being Left Out? from Utne Magazine http://www.votehemp.com/hemp_is_hip.html
* Yes, You Can Eat Hemp and Get Lots of Protein by High Energy for Life’s editor, Judith Zimmer. http://www.bottomlinepublications.com/content/article/diet-a-exercise/yes-you-can-eat-hemp-and-get-lots-of-protein

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